New Garden Tools – Thanks Eco League!

This week our Green Club celebrated receiving our new garden tool box and tools from the Eco League, Learning for a Sustainable Future grant we won.

It was also Daycare Week and beautiful weather so we spent our Green Club time outside direct seeding a mix of radish, spinach and lettuce. We then enjoyed some fresh spinach that survived the winter inside our schoolyard garden’s hoop-house!


Pollinator Garden Fiesta

On May 15, 2018 during Daycare Week, our Green Club invited fellow B.A.S.E. daycare students to enjoy the garden. We also shared our knowledge of pollination, since our schoolyard garden is a Certified Wildlife Friendly Habitat!

We showed the younger students how to spread flower seeds and care for them so that the flowers will grow and provide our local bees with nectar.

Bees will be attracted to the garden and help pollinate the vegetable and fruit plants and, in return, we will be rewarded with food!

We also made yummy fruit kebabs for all our garden visitors to enjoy.

Finally Planting!

While we’re still working on seeding and caring for our seedlings (melons, heirloom tomatoes, and eggplants oh my!), we finally got out into our garden on April 27 to plant some radish and transplant our lettuce!

Spring Garden Seeding

We spent this past gorgeous Monday in the sunshine, working in Edward Murphy’s schoolyard garden during our after school Green Club.

It felt so good to be outside without winter jackets, planting and watering and seeing what’s already growing in our garden!


Seeding & Seedlings!

Last Friday, April 19, we finally got outside into our garden and did some seeding. Now we just need to wait for the perfect moment to transplant our seedlings that are doing really well. What a great way to celebrate the arrival of spring and Earth Day!


Newspaper Seeding

The Edward Murphy Green Club is back in full swing!

We kicked off our first spring Green Club meeting with a newspaper seeding activity. Some seeds we’re starting are zucchini, green kale, zinnia flowers and grape tomatoes! We can’t wait to see how they do!

Milk Carton Seeding

We’re mimicking nature in our Nesbitt Green Club these early spring days by growing seeds indoors!

This week we re-purposed milk cartons to start some seeds to plant outside in our future veggie garden and in planters around the school grounds. We tried seeding tomatoes, kale, basil, zinnias and lavatera flowers to see if they will grow inside our daycare window. (Did you know Nesbitt will be growing our own vegetables this year? Watch for our future garden patches to appear by the main entrance this spring!)

We used the “finger hole” seeding method. In our mix of potting and composting soil, we made five holes with our fingers and put one to two seeds in each hole.We then carefully labelled popsicle sticks so we can identify our seedlings and remember which day they were planted!

Now we get to care for and watch our seeds grow, right next to our sprouting station!

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