Bee Hotel

Our Green Club has been working on creating a bee habitat for many weeks this winter. We finally finished our project by decorating our bee hotel with beads, paint and designs!

We learned about how Canadian native bee populations are declining because of chemical fertilizers and pesticides being used, and wanted to help by creating a bee-friendly habitat. We hope you get your own ideas for YOUR OWN bee hotel!

Bees are an important part of the ecosystem and some types of bees don’t live in a hive, so we can help by making them a home. We learned that local bees that don’t live in colonies may not make honey like honeybees, but they are really great at pollinating, which is very important for growing food! And we grow lots of vegetables, herbs and fruits in our schoolyard garden!

My favourite part of the whole project was drilling holes into the pieces of wood!

Now we have to focus on placing our bee hotel in the best spot in our garden and planting bee-friendly plants!

By Aiden Vaillant


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  1. ccrauthor says:

    What an amzing school this is!


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