Milk Carton Seeding

We’re mimicking nature in our Nesbitt Green Club these early spring days by growing seeds indoors!

This week we re-purposed milk cartons to start some seeds to plant outside in our future veggie garden and in planters around the school grounds. We tried seeding tomatoes, kale, basil, zinnias and lavatera flowers to see if they will grow inside our daycare window. (Did you know Nesbitt will be growing our own vegetables this year? Watch for our future garden patches to appear by the main entrance this spring!)

We used the “finger hole” seeding method. In our mix of potting and composting soil, we made five holes with our fingers and put one to two seeds in each hole.We then carefully labelled popsicle sticks so we can identify our seedlings and remember which day they were planted!

Now we get to care for and watch our seeds grow, right next to our sprouting station!


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