Seeding, Re-purposing & Earth Day

Who knew milk and egg cartons could be used for so much more than holding milk and eggs? We up-cycled/recycled/re-purposed our milk and egg cartons to start our seedlings for our schoolyard garden!

One method we learned about for preparing seed trays is the “sprinkle method,” which we used for our basil, lettuce and kale seeds. We also seeded tomatoes, hot peppers, purple cauliflower and some flowers in our mix of potting soil and shrimp compost and placed them under grow lights.

We’re learning about how to care for our seeds, that will turn into seedlings, that will then be transplanted into our garden when the time is just right! And all this happened while beautiful Earth Day posters were beginning to appear on the walls of our school, celebrating the earth and encouraging us to be more conscious about waste!


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