Grow Station Update

Our Grow Station at Pierre Elliott Trudeau is looking great with our signs up!

Our seedlings are coming along nicely too!


Seeding, Re-purposing & Earth Day

Who knew milk and egg cartons could be used for so much more than holding milk and eggs? We up-cycled/recycled/re-purposed our milk and egg cartons to start our seedlings for our schoolyard garden!

One method we learned about for preparing seed trays is the “sprinkle method,” which we used for our basil, lettuce and kale seeds. We also seeded tomatoes, hot peppers, purple cauliflower and some flowers in our mix of potting soil and shrimp compost and placed them under grow lights.

We’re learning about how to care for our seeds, that will turn into seedlings, that will then be transplanted into our garden when the time is just right! And all this happened while beautiful Earth Day posters were beginning to appear on the walls of our school, celebrating the earth and encouraging us to be more conscious about waste!

Feeding the Birds, Bugs & Squirrels

Do you wish you could make a bird feeder but don’t know how to start? All you need is an orange, some small sticks, twine and bird seed!

In our Green Club we made bird feeders by emptying out some oranges (yum), and constructing them so they could hang around our schoolyard garden filled with seeds for all those hungry birds migrating back to Quebec for spring!

While making our bird feeders we talked about how our garden feeds more than just ourselves, but birds, bugs and squirrels, and how hungry all the animals will be after a long winter away or asleep!

Plus, attracting all different kinds of wildlife will help our future habitat garden thrive when we can finally start planting!

Garden Cookies!

Did you know your garden might have a sweet tooth? We made “garden cookies,” (actually seed bombs) for our schoolyard garden!

Using soil, clay, water and seeds, we used our hands to make the “cookie dough” for our garden cookies. We learned that our schoolyard garden’s pollinators would like our calendula, morning glory and black eyed Susan “garden cookie mix.” When we feed the cookie seed bombs to our garden, those colourful flowers will grow and attract pollinators that will help our plants grow.

It was great fun getting messy and creating yummy “snacks” to share with our garden when the growing season begins!


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