Nutrition Month Yumminess

One of our Green Club activities in March was spent making a yummy salad for a healthy snack. Not only did we get to enjoy the salad after making it from scratch, but we also learned which fruits and vegetables are grown in Quebec!

By Asher


Seedling Sale Preparation

We can’t wait to host our next seedling sale in a few short months!

In Green Club on February 26, 2018, we looked through three catalogues to order our seeds. We chose seeds of plants that our customers liked last year, seeds of our favourite plants and those that thrived in our grow station environment. Some of the seeds we chose were sunflowers, poppies, basil, cherry tomatoes and peppers!

We also prepared our watering and fertilizing schedule and will re-build our grow station after March Break.

You can look back to our seedling sale from May 2017 in this video. We grew 100 healthy plants and raised about $300 to help re-establish our schoolyard garden this coming spring! This year we hope to grow 250 plants! Plus, we were lucky to receive a grant from EcoLeague for $400 to help us buy organic vegetable soil to fill our new raised planters and geo-textile material as a weed barrier! We’ll keep you updated!


Harvesting Our Honey

An Alveole beehive was installed on the roof of our school in 2016-2017 and we finally got to harvest the honey from our honeybees in October 2017!

After learning more about how the honeybees live and make honey, we got to work! First we “uncapped” two frames from our beehive, meaning we scraped off the beeswax that covered the honeycombs. Second we put the frames in an extractor machine and turned the handle to get the honey out using centrifugal force! Then we let the honey filter through a sieve before filling our honey jars! We kept some honey to sweeten our daycare snacks, while the rest we sold during our November Bake Sale.

You can watch a video about bees at the EMSB and read an article about our sticky but fun honey extraction activity on page 11 of the Winter 2018 Touching B.A.S.E. on Daycare Matters newspaper.


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