New Garden Construction

Cedarcrest has a new and improved garden this growing season thanks to the hard work of some keen parent volunteers and our B.A.S.E. Daycare Green Club, plus a little help from the funds we raised at our seedling sale. After a year with our container garden, the new raised planters were constructed and filled with…

Pollinator-Friendly Plant Kits

Our lunchtime Green Club at Elizabeth Ballantyne School applied for and received ten free pollinator-friendly plant kits for signing-up to participate in the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s (CWF) “WILD Spaces for Schools” program. We began planting the 40 pollinator-friendly perennial plants to attract monarchs, hummingbirds, bees, butterflies and songbirds in May. The honeybees in our Alveole…

Finally Planting!

While we’re still working on seeding and caring for our seedlings (melons, heirloom tomatoes, and eggplants oh my!), we finally got out into our garden on April 27 to plant some radish and transplant our lettuce!

Spring Garden Seeding

We spent this past gorgeous Monday in the sunshine, working in Edward Murphy’s schoolyard garden during our after school Green Club. It felt so good to be outside without winter jackets, planting and watering and seeing what’s already growing in our garden!  

Seeding & Seedlings!

Last Friday, April 19, we finally got outside into our garden and did some seeding. Now we just need to wait for the perfect moment to transplant our seedlings that are doing really well. What a great way to celebrate the arrival of spring and Earth Day!  

Grow Station Update

Our Grow Station at Pierre Elliott Trudeau is looking great with our signs up! Our seedlings are coming along nicely too!

Hoop-House Experiment

Our Green Club took on the challenge of seeing if our vegetables could grow into the winter season by building a hoop-house, basically a small greenhouse. Over a structure of supports, we secured a plastic tarp that would keep the sun’s heat in to keep the plants alive. Did you know some plants like kale,…

Winter Growing Season

Our St. Monica Green Club built hoop-houses over two of our garden beds this past November to see if our crops could keep growing into the winter. We checked in on our hoop-houses over the winter and you can see below a few pictures from a sunny day this week. We’re so thrilled some of…

New Garden Season Coming Soon

Last school year we began our schoolyard garden journey with a container garden. This year, 2017-2018, we will be establishing a more permanent garden on our school grounds and we can’t wait! All of the daycare students in Green Club this year are new to the garden. We enjoyed some tasty garden explorations in the…