Seeding & Seedlings!

Last Friday, April 19, we finally got outside into our garden and did some seeding. Now we just need to wait for the perfect moment to transplant our seedlings that are doing really well. What a great way to celebrate the arrival of spring and Earth Day!  

Grow Station Update

Our Grow Station at Pierre Elliott Trudeau is looking great with our signs up! Our seedlings are coming along nicely too!

Newspaper Seeding

The Edward Murphy Green Club is back in full swing! We kicked off our first spring Green Club meeting with a newspaper seeding activity. Some seeds we’re starting are zucchini, green kale, zinnia flowers and grape tomatoes! We can’t wait to see how they do!

Milk Carton Seeding

We’re mimicking nature in our Nesbitt Green Club these early spring days by growing seeds indoors! This week we re-purposed milk cartons to start some seeds to plant outside in our future veggie garden and in planters around the school grounds. We tried seeding tomatoes, kale, basil, zinnias and lavatera flowers to see if they…

Seeding, Re-purposing & Earth Day

Who knew milk and egg cartons could be used for so much more than holding milk and eggs? We up-cycled/recycled/re-purposed our milk and egg cartons to start our seedlings for our schoolyard garden! One method we learned about for preparing seed trays is the “sprinkle method,” which we used for our basil, lettuce and kale…

World Water Day Relay Race

On March 22, 2018, in honour of World Water Day, our Green Club played the “Right to Accessible Water” relay race from the Equitas Play it Fair! game developed for the David Suzuki Foundation’s “Suzuki Superhero Challenge.” We learned about the importance of clean drinking water, while also sharing the responsibility of ensuring that everyone…

World Water Day: Clean Water Sources

On March 22, 2018, we learned the importance of clean water sources in Green Club for World Water Day. To start off, our Green Club played a game to discover which of six household appliances is the “thirstiest!” Turns out it’s the toilet! Then we began to visualize the current state of the earth’s major…

Bee Hotel

Our Green Club has been working on creating a bee habitat for many weeks this winter. We finally finished our project by decorating our bee hotel with beads, paint and designs! We learned about how Canadian native bee populations are declining because of chemical fertilizers and pesticides being used, and wanted to help by creating…

Seed Bomb Day

On Monday, March 26, 2018, there was an exciting “Seed Bomb Day” event at Edward Murphy! Two daycare groups made two different types of seed bombs. The Grades 4 to 6 students made greens bombs with black and green kale and arugula. The Grade 2 to 3 group made marigolds bombs to add colour, attract…

Sprouting Sprouts

Back in early February, our Green Club began learning about growing sprouts and veggies using simple hydroponics and aquaponics. We learned that there are all kinds of ways we can grow food and plants without even using soil or a garden! We put together our “salad growing” station from a mini aquaponics set Ms. Shannon had….